Why So Many People Fail At Forex Trading?

  • September 08, 2018
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The reality of Forex trading is there are many investors, but not many who are successful at it. It is not unusual for traders to fail at Forex trading. There are a number of reasons why so many people fail at Forex trading. Most of them are the same reasons investors fail in other markets.

Extreme Leverage

With Forex trading, its possible for investors to utilize borrowed capital to increase possible return on investments. In the United States, Forex traders can use a 50:1 leverage ratio. In the United Kingdom, its 200:1 leverage ratio. There are other parts of the world where it can be as much as 400:1 ratio. These large ratios mean a trader is unable to make many low-risk mistakes. It also decreases the ability for a trader to achieve any type of profit in the long term.

Trial And Error Learning

Another reason why so many people fail at Forex trading could be they see the rewards that are possible. They then fail to realize the importance of first learning how to trade there. Many investors believe they will obtain great rewards by using a trial and error approach. This can be a very expensive learning method. The Forex market is very different from other equity markets. The chances of an inexperienced trader having serious losses are very high. It’s recommended a trader learn about it with formal education or a mentor relationship.

Not Adapting To Market Conditions

It’s easy to fail when possible market conditions are not taken into consideration. Before the market opens, a successful trader will have a plan ready for every one of their trades. This means they have a plan for any scenario, as well as the moves and counter moves; they could potentially experience in any market situation. Doing this will reduce the chance of them experiencing unanticipated losses. An experienced Forex investor knows market changes provide new risks as well as opportunities. Traders who experience the most success adapt to market changes. They also adapt their strategies to address them. They plan for events and are seldom surprised when they happen.

Ineffective Risk Management

An experienced Forex investor knows to put as much effort into risk management as developing a successful trading strategy. There are new traders who won’t know the importance of trading with stop losses or other low-risk methods. They don’t want to stop trading too soon. A successful trader knows the level of risk they’ve put on their investment capital. It will be proportionate to the projected benefit of their trades. As their account grows, their capital preservation efforts increase. They will know the correct positioning and sizing to prevent losses that can’t be fixed.

Unrealistic Expectations

This is often why so many people fail at Forex trading. Experienced Forex investors know it is not a way to get rich quickly. It takes time and patience to accumulate profits and obtain the necessary trading skills. When investors forget trade discipline and attempt to get unrealistic gains, it could result in serious financial damage to their account. Financial damage that is possible to avoid.

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