Is Weekend Analysis Helpful?

Is Weekend Analysis Helpful?

Forex weekend analysis is helpful in keeping track of the trends in foreign exchange in three main ways.

Firstly, a weekend analysis helps a lot in creating a macroscopic image of the market being observed. When you observe the market during the weekend, you are observing it during the time that it is closed. Therefore, it allows you to analyze the markets when dynamic fluxes are not happening, and it prevents the event of having to react to certain situations as they happen.

Secondly, a weekend analysis helps because through it, a trading plan can be done for the following week. This plan, which is based on already available data from the previous week, is something that will be much effective when implemented. Weekend analysis basically helps people get the information that they need to make suitable and reliable decisions for the upcoming week.

Lastly, a good reason for you to consider doing weekend forex analysis is for you to be able to create a method of preparing your trading plan, which will provide you with a way to properly establish a mindset that you are going to use in the coming week. For instance, if there have been major fluctuations in the market for the past week, this information can help with your alertness and sensitivity to any changes that may happen during the next week, if you have managed to pay attention to what the previous week’s information says about the trends in forex.

Use It To Prepare For The Week

It is important to remember that forex is about the trading attitudes and trends that large markets make with each other. Each of the markets involved in the process of exchange are not acting alone, and all are dependent upon each other when it comes to trading and buying equities, bonds, goods, and services.

Understand The Elements In Trade

Most of what happens in forex is based on the relationships between the different markets. There are numerous causative factors that are attributed to any changes that happen in the market, and so it pays to be able to pay attention to these changes. Once you find an understanding of the relationships and how these change over time, you will be given the understanding about price charts and all other aspects of forex. Basically, everything will fall into place once you understand the relationship between the different markets.

Technical Driving Factors

Technical analysts believe that there are patterns that exist in the price levels and in other moving elements in the market, and the study of these patterns can help brokers and people like you predict what future trends will look like.


The news is another factor that has a significant effect on foreign exchange and in the economies of the world in general. Traders constantly wait for the news to either confirm or deny their held theories, and then make decisions on whether they stay or leave their trades depending on the outcome of the news.

Weekend analysis will essentially give you a peek into the future of forex by looking at what has already happened, and it is very rarely wrong. Trusting on what weekend analysis will give you will do you favors—if you pay attention.